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Reservation of holiday package

This is a holiday package valid for a fixed duration and period of stay.
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Package Easter - 112 € per person in Double room Tsarevets view

The prices include:
Bed, breakfast, pool, fitness, jacuzzi, tourist tax, VAT insurance and parking.
2 dinners during the stay
BONUS: Sauna-Park (Sauna, Steam bath, Relaxation area)

EASTER DINNER 01.V.2021 - Saturday:
Peeled tomato salad / tomatoes, roasted peppers, cheese, bruschettas, walnuts, pesto sauce with fresh salad garnish /
Main course: Vetrichina trout and risotto with fresh vegetables - broccoli, mushrooms, baby carrots, peas, zucchini, garnished with cherry tomatoes with basil pesto /
Divine pearl
Dessert: Homemade baklava
Mineral water - 0.500 l

EASTER DINNER 02.V.2021 - Sunday:
Snack with land
Spring Garden Salad / lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, fresh onions, egg, olives /
Main course: Roast lamb / with liver sarma /
Mineral water - 0.500 l
Easter Egg
Easter bread
A children's menu is provided for children in this package


30% advance payment of the amount of nights with VAT
Final payment - up to 3 days before the date of accommodation.

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