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Christmas offer /with festive dinner and lunch/ - 199 € per person in Double room Tsarevets view

Prices include:
Overnights, buffet breakfast
Festive dinner on 24.12.2023 and Christmas lunch on 25.12.2023.
Use of pool, gym and jacuzzi
BONUS: SAUNA-PARK - Sauna, steam bath, relax zone, massage showers in Relax and Wellness Center - Yantra
Parking, insurance, tourist tax and VAT
Dinner 24.12.2023

(tomato with grilled eggplant and tichvichka, grape sardines, cucumber, cheese and yellow cheese, parsley,
trio of bites with bruschetta - tirokafteri, hummus and tarama caviar)
(grilled sea bass with asparagus and sauted vegetables over imperial rice)
Fruit pie
Mineral water
Christmas Lunch 25.12.2023
/ with grilled tomato, grilled cheese, marinated red onion with spicy spices
and balvan meal with salad mix with walnuts and lemon dressing and pomegranate juice/
(Turkey with a side of bacon and flavored with honey and wine
and spicy sarmicki with minced meat
with a garnish of mixed vegetables in a parmesan basket)
Fortune cookie
Dessert: Creme brulee with pumpkin, caramelized sugar and almonds
Land and Mineral water

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